UML and Business Modeling Training

Training On-Site

Learning Use Cases, UML and JAD Techniques Training Seminar (3 days) to train business analysts and developers how to create and interpret Use Cases and UML models using JAD and how the artifacts fit into the project life cycle for project initiation, business process definition and design

Data Modeling for the Business Analysts (2 days) focuses on the concepts of data modeling and various effective techniques used to gather the necessary information needed to create the data model.

Process Modeling Skills Workshop (2 days) how to create process models for business analysis, gap analysis and enterprise studies

Virtual/Online Training

Learning Use Cases & UML Training
Methodology of how to create and when to utilize use cases and the UML models throughout the project life cycle for requirements definition, analysis and design. Excellent training for agile and waterfall project life cycles.

Success Stories

Natalie Ehrenreich, AT&T

As a business analyst, I thought that Joy provided a lot of useful tools to utilize during requirements gathering in an agile environment.  I also thought that the hands on exercises were very helpful… webhosting data

— Natalie Ehrenreich, AT&T

Jeffrey Manhardt, M&T Bank

… this training laid the foundation for best practices that were recently audited and found to be the best my company has on record! my cloud Pitlitipifec 192.168 1.1 .

— Jeffrey Manhardt, M&T Bank

BA Project Summit, CNA Insurance

Requirements Gathering:  From Chaos to Excellence. steam cloud . 192.168 1.1 .

— BA Project Summit, CNA Insurance

Lysa Cushing, Microsoft

I would highly recommend the Pierson Requirements Group. cloud hosting info broken links test

— Lysa Cushing, Microsoft

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