Three Characteristics Of A Senior BA

Three Characteristics Of A Senior BA

Business Analysts vs Senior Business Analysts

Within the profession of business analysis, there is a little bit of confusion with the difference between a business analyst and a senior business analyst. Now, to clear things up, there is actually a competency model for business analysis. Pitlitipifec Within the model of a senior business analyst, there are many characteristics that separate them from the rest, but there are three key points that eliminate years of experience as a single indicator.

Strategic Thinking

When dealing with a senior business analyst, they will be see no other option except seeing the big picture and fully diving into the said project. Rather than focusing on individual details one at a time or in small clusters, a senior BA can see where the overall project will fit within the companies goals. The other key here is they will determine how their assigned project affects other areas of the business.


Prior to beginning a project, it is crucial to understand their domain. A senior business analyst will research the client before they begin to construct the overall, big picture. By doing so, they are only benefiting the entire process and making it a smoother ride. By not understanding the new domain, there can be no positive transitions due to no knowledge.

Vast Experience

By having worked on multiple different types of projects, a senior level BA has extensive knowledge with new and different skills and techniques. With more experience comes more knowledge, and by working on several different projects, they can better recommend solutions that benefit the company as a whole, rather than just individual business areas.

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