Success Stories

23 years of proven training for business systems analysts in requirements and testing


Pierson trained and mentored over 300 Hallmark IT Corporate Professionals including Project Managers, Technical Leads, Business Analysts, Solutions Analysts/Developers and Architects. Pierson provided customized training, methodology development, consulting and mentoring services in the JAD process. Hallmark has used the JAD process and UML to implement a requirements management process for a level 2 repeatable project management and commitment process on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

Pierson created and provided the PMO with a customized roadmap of how the repeatable requirements and testing process integrates into Hallmark’s existing SDLC. Pierson has also provided consultation on the PMO’s IT process improvement initiative and helped customize Hallmark’s templates and project development methodology.

Most recently, Pierson has completed consulting and training for Hallmark Canada with a repeatable requirements, design and testing process using Hallmark’s Quality Management Methodology.

U.S. Department of Energy

The D.O.E. used Pierson’s methodology and training services to implement their development process and received the Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI’s) certification of their process as a Level Two Repeatable Project Management and Commitment process on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Pierson also provided mentoring services for their pilot projects in addition to training the entire project teams in JAD/RAD and object-oriented techniques.


Pierson trained the Verizon DSL Division Product Managers, Project Managers, Technical Leads, Requirements Leads, and Architects in a UML process for a repeatable requirements and system specification process. Pierson’s UML process is being used for better communication with the development group. Pierson also trained the Testing Organization in User Acceptance Testing and UML best practices.

Dell Professional Services

Pierson provided Dell Professional Services with a customized methodology and trained over 150 of their consultants in JAD/RAD and object-oriented techniques with UML. Pierson was also part of Dell’s corporate core training program for all consultants.


Experian trained over 150 people using Pierson’s training services, including Directors, Technical Leads, Business Leads and entire IT project teams. Experian is using JAD throughout their organization for:

  • New marketing ideas and strategies
  • New product development
  • Software maintenance and re-design

They are also using JAD as a sales tool with potential customers.

Lysa Cushing, Microsoft

I would highly recommend the Pierson Requirements Group. cloud hosting info broken links test

— Lysa Cushing, Microsoft

Jeffrey Manhardt, M&T Bank

… this training laid the foundation for best practices that were recently audited and found to be the best my company has on record! my cloud Pitlitipifec 192.168 1.1 .

— Jeffrey Manhardt, M&T Bank

BA Project Summit, CNA Insurance

Requirements Gathering:  From Chaos to Excellence. steam cloud . 192.168 1.1 .

— BA Project Summit, CNA Insurance

Natalie Ehrenreich, AT&T

As a business analyst, I thought that Joy provided a lot of useful tools to utilize during requirements gathering in an agile environment.  I also thought that the hands on exercises were very helpful… webhosting data

— Natalie Ehrenreich, AT&T

Dell Professional Services

Pierson has successfully implemented a repeatable requirements process for various companies and has helped them save significant time and money during the discovery and design phases of development. Below is a description of different companies who have used Pierson’s training, customized methodology, mentoring and JAD Facilitation services.

Amica Insurance

Amica used the JAD/RAD approach to implement a 2 year migration plan as a result of Pierson’s training and mentoring its corporate JAD department. Amica has also successfully used facilitated sessions for strategic planning, organizational planning and project planning.


Pierson provided the 4-day Requirements Gathering & Writing Training Seminar using JAD, Use Cases and UML. The Business Analysts, Project Managers and Quality Assurance Testers were trained. Also conducted was the User Acceptance Testing Training Seminar for the Testing staff.


Pierson trained over 40 Project Managers, Technical Leads and DBAs in JAD Facilitation & Requirements Gathering using Data Techniques.


Pierson helped Carmax start the JAD/RAD Iterative process to implement the company’s IT business strategies. Pierson trained entire project teams in JAD/RAD and object-oriented methods. Pierson also provided mentoring helping Carmax achieve instant acceptance and success in their pilot projects. Carmax is using these techniques corporate wide.

M&T Bank

Pierson provided the PMO with project team training in Requirements Gathering and Writing best practices using an iterative JAD/RAD approach for outsourcing development projects. The PMO used Pierson’s repeatable iterative collaboration solutions process with guidelines, procedures guide, templates, meeting agendas and scripts on their projects. A roadmap of how the repeatable requirements process integrates into the SDLC and a Software Development Methodology document with templates was used by the PMO. Developers were trained in Use Case Realization and UML practices.

Pierson also trained the Quality Assurance Department and Business Analysts in Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing which included industry best practices for testing, a repeatable process, templates and a procedures guide.