Sprint Planning Meeting- Scrum Master

Sprint Planning Meeting- Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring the tasks are completed before the Sprint starts:

  • Define the sprint lengths- usually 2 weeks to 30 day period
  • Present the stories and acceptance test criteria- The Product Owner leads the team through the proposed project
  • Define the definition of “Done” for each user story-  What defines “Done”?
  • Scrum Master and QA work with Developer to confirm the scope
  • Expectations and technical implementation details are defined for the Sprint,
  • Establish how much QA will be carried out
  • Decide What documentation will be prepared and by whom?
  • Estimate the stories- the Product Owner/Developers/Scrum Master/BAs estimate the time for completion of each user story tasks.
  • Develop a Scrum Board to track the project.  Kanban Boards can be used for tracking progress.

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