Virtual Project Planning & Estimating


  • Sessions : 3
  • Who should attend : Those who will find this of value are the Business Analysts, Requirements Analysts, Project Managers, Technical Leads, Quality Assurance, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Architects, and Developers. A maximum of 12 students is suggested.
  • Material : Each seminar participant receives a Seminar Handbook with templates, guidelines and solution set.

Virtual Project Planning & Estimating

Training Description

The Virtual Project Planning & Estimating class provides training in the fundamentals of project planning, how to scope a project, identify risks and mitigation, build a work breakdown structure (WBS) and how to estimate and plan resources.  The class objectives are to:

  • Learn the project life cycle and fundamentals for project planning
  • Define the scope and risks of a project
  • Create an effective project plan and define the estimates for a project
  • Provide case study exercises in how to scope a project, build a work breakdown structure and estimate the resources for project planning

Curriculum & Schedule

  • Session 1

    Session 1 (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Eastern Time)

    The topics presented in the first session are the  following:

    Fundamentals of Project Planning

    • Project success and failure
    • Basics for project planning
    • Project management cycle
    • Key knowledge areas
    • Constraints
    • Project Organization
    • Case study exercise to identify a project that failed or succeeded.  Create a list of the root causes.
    • Software development life cycle

    Scope Definition

    • Deliverables
    • Case study exercise to build the scope for a project

    Risk Assessment

    • Techniques and deliverables for identifying and controlling risk
    • Case study exercise to conduct a risk assessment meeting and build a matrix with strategies

  • Session 2

    Session 2 (1:00 pm – 5:00pm Eastern Time)

    How to create the work breakdown structure (WBS) for a project

    Identify and Decompose the Work Packages

    Case study exercise to create a Work Breakdown Structure and a WBS Dictionary Entry for a Work Package identified in the WBS.

    How to create a project plan

    • Concepts and best practices for building a plan
    • Components of a plan
    • Case study exercise to build a project plan.

  • Session 3

    Session 3 (1:00 pm – 5:00pm Eastern Time)

    How to build detailed project estimates

    • Calculate the Project Estimates
    • Estimating steps
    • Case study exercise to create project estimates.

    How to control and manage change for a project

    • Process for change control
    • Tools for change control
    • Case study exercise to define how to handle requested changes and emergencies. Create a flow diagram of the change management flow.

    Project Closure

    • Close Outs
    • Change Control Log
    • Final reporting for a project

    Simulation with the Instructor-

    The participants attend a working session with the instructor transforming a sample scope and project risks into a work breakdown structure, a project plan and estimates.

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