JAD Participant Class


  • Duration: 1 day
  • Who Should Attend?: Individuals planning to participate in a JAD session using Object-Oriented techniques for requirements management. Those who will find this of value are: Business Analysts, Technical Leads, Project Managers, IT Managers, Team Leaders, Business Area Managers, Systems Analysts and Designers.

JAD Participant Class

Training Description

The purpose of the JAD Participant Class is to outline and explain the responsibilities and the activities involved in the Joint Application Development (JAD) process. Experience has shown that it is important to ensure that the business community understands the JAD process and roles of everyone involved. This one-day orientation will also give the JAD participant a basic knowledge of Object-Oriented techniques and the Rapid Application Development (RAD) process.

Training Content

  • Day 1

    Day 1 am

      • Team Building Exercise- group problem solving
        • What is JAD?
            Definition of JAD

          • Benefits of the JAD approach
          • What does the process include?
          • Types of Business User involvement- JAD sessions, Focus Groups, JAD Reviews and Walk Throughs
          • Roles and Responsibilities
        • What is Object-Orientation?
          • What is meant by object-orientation?
          • Benefits of OO development methods
          • Overview of JAD using Object-Oriented Methods
          • Problem Statement
          • Requirements Analysis
          • Analysis & Design
          • Release/Iteration Plan
          • Terminology
        • What is RAD?
          • RAD Definition
          • RAD/JAD vs. Traditional Waterfall Approach
          • RAD Process Steps
          • Success Factors

    Day 1 pm

        • Creative Thinking Exercise
        • Modeling Techniques for JAD
          • Problem Statement – Project Scope Definition using the Use Case Survey and Management Perspective
        • Requirements Analysis- Process Flow, Use Case Requirements, Domain Object Model, Interaction Diagram and CRCs
        • Analysis – Detailed Use Cases, Class Diagram and Prototypes
        • Group Exercises- Building the Requirements Definition Models
          • Process Flow
          • Use Case Requirements
        • Recap of JAD and Object-Oriented Methods
        • Closing

Instructor Profile

Joy E. Matthews
is the cofounder and Vice President of Methodology Development and Training for Pierson Requirements Group, Inc. She is an experienced JAD facilitator with expertise in Object-Oriented Software Engineering and the JAD process. She is the co-author of Pierson�s repeatable development methodology for Three-Tier Architecture projects using Object-Oriented methods and JAD. Joy is the author of the JAD Facilitation and Methodology Seminar using Object-Oriented Software Engineering, a use case driven approach. She is accomplished in Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis, Analysis and Detailed Design. She has facilitated and managed projects for all phases of the system development life cycle. Joy is also experienced in Information Engineering and Structured Analysis methodologies using the JAD process. She is the author of the JAD Facilitation & Methodology Seminar using Information Engineering and Structured Analysis, and the Process Modeling and Data Modeling Skills Workshops. Ms. Matthews was previously Vice President of Management and Product Development for Donovan Data Systems where she directed the development and implementation of software systems for Coca-Cola, Kraft, Heublein, AT&T and several major advertising agencies. She supported these clients as an instructor and project manager. She developed and conducted technical training programs for system installations and new product releases. Joy has a M.S. from C.W. Post College, L.I.U.

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