• User Acceptance Testing Training Course

Testing for Quality Assurance Class





The Testing for Quality Assurance class offers training in the methods and procedures that the QA Testing Department and the business would use while they are engaged in the Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing Phases of an IT Project. The participants will learn the concepts and formal techniques to facilitate testing during the Integration, System and User Acceptance Test Phases for IT initiatives. The course focus is on:

  • How to be an effective tester and what to look for when testing
  • Inspection process and quality checking requirements documents
  • How to write an effective Integration and System Test Approach
  • How to use the Requirements and System Specifications Documents and Build Plan inputs for creating the test design deliverables
  • Practice in identifying and writing Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Conditions for Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing
  • How to perform Test Execution and Usability Testing

Each course participant receives a Course Handbook with sample templates, checklists, procedures guide and a case study solution set.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Learn the industry standards for Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing and how to apply them to your company’s testing standards and deliverables
  • Provide an understanding of the different testing techniques and methods and when to use them
  • Learn how to participate in an inspection of requirements and system specifications documents
  • Provide practical exercises using the testing techniques and methods to identify what to test
  • Learn how to identify and write test scenarios, test cases and test conditions using requirements and system specifications deliverables for Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing
  • Provide a case study for practice in how to write test approaches, test design deliverables, test scenarios, test cases, test conditions, defect tracking, defect write-ups and end of testing report
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