Business Modeling Course




The Virtual Business Analysis Course: Process and Data Modeling Skills focuses on how to build business models, define requirements and perform analysis for IT projects. The course provides business analysis modeling and techniques needed for capturing the artifacts for Process Modeling: Context Diagram, Process Decomposition, Process Dependency, Process Matrix and Action Diagram. In addition, the course provides modeling skills and techniques for capturing the artifacts for Logical Data Modeling: Entity Relationship Diagram, Business Rules, and Data Normalization. The course is broken into three parts: process modeling skills, logical data modeling skills and how to conduct
facilitated sessions with supporting workshop agendas, scripts and templates. The course provides practical experience and case studies for building and interpreting these business analysis models.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Provide an understanding of the process modeling and data modeling techniques, principles, terminology and concepts
  • Provide practical group exercises for building models and interpreting the Information Engineering and Structured Analysis process and data modeling techniques
  • Supply sample agendas, scripts and templates describing how to capture the deliverables throughout the Discovery Phase
  • Simulate the modeling process by giving each course participant the opportunity to build the different business models and be critiqued by the instructor
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