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Agile Training for BAs & Product Owners






The Agile Training focuses on the project team skill set needed to successfully participate on Agile Projects. The workshop provides training in collaboration techniques needed for project initiation, agile requirements gathering and sprint planning. The course focus is on:

  • How to perform project initiation in order to identify the agile project goals, epics and functional requirements using epic user stories and the initial product backlog
  • Requirements gathering and sprint planning to identify the user stories, write the user stories, estimate using story points, create and estimate the sprint backlog to plan the sprint
  • Understanding the scrum fundamentals and how to conduct a scrum meeting

The objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Requirements eliciting techniques for defining the project initiation and gathering requirements for agile projects
  • Techniques to identify the epics, define the sprints, write user stories and create backlogs
  • Plan the sprint and estimate user stories for the sprint backlog
  • Practical experience in performing the agile best practices
  • An Agile Project Simulation or real life Agile Project to give each course participant the opportunity to conduct scrum meetings, collaborative workshops using agendas provided in the class to define the project initiation, requirements gathering and sprint planning.
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