Customized Methodology: How Pierson Delivers

Customized Methodology: How Pierson Delivers

There are plenty of experiences to draw from when talking about how Pierson implements their training, customized methodology, mentoring and JAD Facilitation services at different companies and organizations. Of course, some stand out from the rest. When regarding how Pierson is able to effectively and routinely train, provide facilitation services, provide deliverables and more, there are a few success stories that stand out as examples of Pierson’s business analysis prowess and depth of field as business analysts themselves.

One primary example of the implementation of business analysis skills at a company-wide level is our relationship with Hallmark. Pierson trained and mentored over 300 Hallmark IT Corporate Professionals including Project Managers, Technical Leads, Business Analysts, Solutions Analysts/Developers and Architects. Pierson provided customized training, methodology development, consulting and mentoring services in the JAD process. Hallmark has used the JAD process and UML to implement a requirements management process for a level 2 repeatable project management and commitment process on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

So how is Pierson able to overcome existing software and (technical) issues to create a solution worth remembering? Primarily, Pierson is able to create a PMO with a customized roadmap of how the repeatable requirements and testing process integrates into a company’s existing SDLC.

Of course, the consulting process through Pierson Requirements Group is heavily variant upon the company or organization itself. However, once the strengths and weaknesses of a client are identified, recommendations for the process improvement are presented. Pierson creates sample deliverables and detailed process descriptions for the new repeatable process. Pierson consultants are available to implement the new repeatable process with quick reference guides, checklists, customized training and a mentoring program.

If your company is interested in hiring a consulting agency for a project or (general) customized methodology, Pierson Requirements Group has all the abilities of business analyst group you could find, plus experience to boot.

Pierson has provided consulting services Delta Airlines (for their new website design as well as BA training), for CNA Insurance (Pierson provided process improvement and training for requirements analysis and testing), for the US Department of Energy (Pierson provided process improvement, training and mentoring to implement a repeatable process) and more. So you can rest assured that Pierson is one business analysis company that’s worth its weight in gold in terms of experience.

Experience is one of the primary things touted as all important when discussing business analysis and consultancy of business analysts, but its not the only thing. Some other things to consider when seeking consulting services: the references of the consulting agency or organization, the size, personality and other demographics of the consulting firm, and of course, the priorities and processes unique to each individual consulting agency.

When it comes down to it, there is no business analysis group more reputable or experienced in an array of consulting services as Pierson. Pierson Requirements Group is adept in all skills regarding business analysis, customized methodology, process requirements and more.

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