Pierson can provide Facilitators and Business Analysts to conduct workshops for project scoping, requirements analysis and detailed requirements.  Pierson Requirements Group, Inc. has divided the services into three phases of tasks. The phases are preparation, workshop and follow-up. During the Preparation Phase, Pierson Requirements Group, Inc. will include the following activities:

  • Interviews and orientations of key stakeholders (SMEs) from each business unit to review and uncover seed material and identify project issues for the session
  • Teleconference and on-site interviews to review the current documentation practices and templates used for business requirements
  • Review of sample documents for a similar project
  • Planning the session logistics, deliverables and agenda with the project team
  • JAD Facilitator and JAD Documenter prepare the JAD Documentation to be used in the session

The second phase is to conduct the Collaborative Requirements Session using JAD and industry standards and UML best practices. The goal of the session is to:

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  • Create consensus based requirements using brainstorming and storyboarding to capture the requirements deliverables as needed.  Some of the requirements gathering techniques that can be used in the Workshops are the Context Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagrams, Use Cases, Domain Object Models, Entity Relationship Diagrams, business rules, mock-ups, data field descriptions and data flow diagrams.
  • Record and document the deliverables utilizing a pre-determined template Daily process checks with the participants and the technical project team.  In the third phase, Pierson will complete and distribute the workshop documentation to the participants. The following activities will occur:
  • Conduct debriefs with customer representatives during and immediately after the session
  • Produce a final comprehensive report ‘Turn Around Document’ that would reflect all aspects of the session, including planning documents, work products and other relevant materials

Pierson provides consulting services and training for the entire Project Requirements Life Cycle.

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