Pierson Consultants provide mentors for the transfer of knowledge to help your organization succeed. Pierson has found that the mentoring for facilitation and business analysis has helped previous clients succeed in their first critical projects after training. Pierson can provide experienced mentors for the entire project team throughout the project life cycle. One-on-One Mentoring can be provided to enhance and re-enforce the fundamentals and best practices taught in Pierson’s BA Training Programs. As follow-up to training, there are Instructors available for critiquing deliverables of work products to ensure quality. Seasoned Facilitators are provided for mentoring newly taught Facilitators on how to plan and conduct scoping, requirements analysis and detailed requirements workshops and focus groups. Consultants are available to demonstrate and mentor the collaboration and business analysis skills.

Influential Business

Skills Assessment

Mentors are available to interview and assess the skill sets and use of best practices. The skills assessment categories include facilitation skills, workshop technique skills, analytical skills and overall process skills. Once the skills assessments are created they are reviewed in order to define the mentoring program needs for the individual.

Conduct Pilot Projects

Pilot Project Mentoring can also be provided for process improvement initiatives to implement a repeatable process or as a follow-up to training. Customers may want to have Pierson consultants conduct their first pilot project as a proof of concept for the new repeatable process or methodology developed.

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