Process Improvement

Consultants provide assessment of your current environment on industry standards and best practices. Once the strengths and weaknesses are identified, recommendations for the process improvement are presented. Pierson creates sample deliverables and detailed process descriptions for the new repeatable process. Pierson consultants are available to implement the new repeatable process with quick reference guides, checklists, customized training and a mentoring program.


Pierson has found that mentoring has helped previous clients succeed in their first critical projects after training. Pierson can provide experienced mentors that will make a difference.

Requirements Analysis & Design

Facilitators are provided to define the project scope, business requirements and functional specifications. Workshops are conducted to define consensus based requirements.

Pierson has provided consulting services for many company’s and organization’s projects such as:

  • Delta Airlines – for their new website design as well as BA training
  • CNA Insurance – process improvement and training for requirements analysis and testing
  • Hallmark – process improvement and training for requirements analysis, design and testing for CMM level 3
  • U.S. Department of Energy – for process improvement, training and mentoring to implement a repeatable process

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