Company Background

23 years of proven training for business systems analysts in requirements and testing


Pierson Requirements Group, Inc. is an International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) Endorsed Education Provider and a member of the Business Analysts Body of Knowledge (BABOK) review board. Pierson has been in business for 23 years. The Pierson Requirements Group, Inc. is recognized by knowledgeable companies as the leading provider of practical hands-on requirements training and testing training. Pierson also conducts process improvement initiatives for helping companies implement a cost effective repeatable process for software development and project management that best fits into their environment and incorporates the industry best practices. Pierson’s training programs improve the project performance and team work of the entire project team.

Surveys of Pierson’s customers have found that the use of the requirements approach taught in the business analyst training classes has saved 25% to 33% of time over the entire project or 3 to 4 months out of a year long project. Pierson survey of customers includes; Hallmark, Amica Insurance, CarMax, Staples, & U.S. Department of Energy.  This study doesn’t include the additional savings that companies will get from not having to do redesign software.  Customers have also reported a 50 % time and cost reduction after successfully implementing the user acceptance testing approach taught in Pierson’s User Acceptance Testing training.

Pierson has:

  • Transformed many large corporations with process improvement with the latest in requirements gathering and design the unified process, use case methodology and data techniques for software development and enhancements
  • Specialized in requirements gathering, development, project management and testing best practices using industry standards since 1990
  • Provided training participants with CDUs and PDUs

Business Analyst Training


  • Practical “Hands-on” Business Analyst Training in requirements gathering and writing, testing and project management using industry standards and best practices.
  • All of Pierson’s training classes use an interactive practical approach with 1/3 lecture and 2/3 practice
  • Pierson’s provides training in agile and traditional approaches
  • All of Pierson’s trainers are authors or co-authors of the training and practitioners
  • Follow-up mentoring can be provided to enhance implementation of training and process improvement initiatives