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Pierson Requirements Group helps Staples with business requirements


Staples, Inc. has worked with Pierson to train and implement their IT staff in Joint Application Development (JAD) techniques and UML techniques for the discovery and design phases of their new website and legacy systems. Staples, Inc. has also purchased…

Pierson Requirements Group implements best practices in business requirements


Experian has trained over 150 people with Pierson, including Directors, Technical Leads, Business Leads and entire IT project teams. Experian is using JAD throughout their organization for: New marketing ideas and strategies New product development Software maintenance and re-design

Pierson Requirements Group transforms requirements management team


Pierson is currently training over 300 people at Hallmark in best practices and industry standards using JAD techniques, UML, Unified Process and Facilitation. Pierson has also provided Hallmark with methodology consultation for implementing a repeatable process for Capability Maturity Model…

Pierson Requirements Group implements best practices for the business requirements teams


Pierson trained the Verizon DSL Division Product Managers, Project Managers, Technical Leads, Requirements Leads, and Architects in a UML process for a repeatable requirements and system specification process. Pierson’s UML process is being used for better communication with the development…

Pierson Requirements Group transforms requirements management consulting team


Pierson provided Dell Professional Services with a customized methodology and trained over 150 of their consultants in JAD/RAD and object-oriented techniques with UML. Pierson was also part of Dell’s Professional Services corporate core training program for all the consultants.

Pierson Requirements Group helps Carmax with business requirements


Carmax started the JAD and RAD process to implement the company’s IT business strategies. Pierson trained entire project teams in agile and UML methods. Pierson also provided mentoring helping Carmax achieve instant acceptance and success in their pilot projects. Carmax…