Your Go to Guide for Business Analyst Organizations

Your Go to Guide for Business Analyst Organizations

If you’re on Pierson Requirements Group’s site, you surely have a love for business analysis. But did you know thousands of people around the world share that same love? Well, they do. There aren’t a lot of great recent numbers, but in 2005, there were 500,000 computer systems analysts in America and 259,000 computer and information systems managers. That’s a lot of people! So no wonder, large groups of them have bonded together to create business analyst organizations- organizations formed to promote the interest of business analysts and to further field of business analysis. These organizations are comprised of individuals in a variety of business analyst-type roles, including: Business Analyst, Business Process Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Requirements Engineer, Business Systems Analyst, Systems Analyst, Data Analyst, Functional Architect and Usability/UX Analyst. And the roles are only growing- the field of business analysis is projected to grow within the next ten years at an exponential rate. Research has listed a business analyst profession as the 7th best job in America with an approximate salary of $83,500 and positive growth outlook of 36%. The organizations protect those numbers and keep them growing. So, what exactly do these organizations entail?

Well, first, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of them, each organization represents a different business analysis role and subsequently has different goals and objectives. A comprehensive list of business analyst organizations includes: ABPMP International – Association of Business Process Management Professionals International, ACM – Association for Computing Machinery, AMA – American Management Association, CSE – Centre for Software Engineering, IASA – International Association of Software Architects, IEEE-CS – IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Computer Society, IIBA – International Institute of Business Analysis, IFPUG – International Function Point Users’ Group, ISBSG – International Software Benchmarking Standards Group, OMG – Object Management Group, PMI – Project Management Institute, SEI – Software Engineering Institute, UPA – Usability Professionals’ Association, WWISA – Worldwide Institute of Software Architects and arguably the biggest and most important business analyst organization of all time: The International Institute of Business Analysis.

The International Institute of Business Analysis is a non-profit organization dedicated to the field of business analysis. Its goals are to have the profession be more highly recognized and to have the global standard for business analysis practices to be raised and maintained. The International Institute of Business Analysis has quite an impressive reach. It boasts over 29,000 Members and more than 300 Corporate Members and 120 Chapters. Once you have successfully completed one of Pierson Requirement Group’s amazing business analyst training courses, you may consider becoming one of the many worldwide members of The International Institute of Business Analysis, to further your interests in the field and advance your personal and corporate interests. Just remember, Pierson Requirements Group is an important step in your journey towards becoming one of the best business analysts any organization has ever seen!


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