What Are JAD Courses And Should You Take Them?

What Are JAD Courses And Should You Take Them?

JAD stands for Joint Application Development is a technique used to develop collaborative requirements analysis and design. It was first developed by IBM in the 70s and used for collaborative design with business users.  Nowadays, courses where you learn JAD have a huge role in modern business and they are essential for proper requirements analysis and design.   In this blog post, we will go over details regarding JAD.  As the process collects business requirements while developing new information systems for a company, it has huge bearings on business analysis and what we do here at Pierson Requirements Group.

JAD Workshops

In order to use the JAD technique, you will need a few things. The first one is the trained facilitator, who will guide the participants through the process. In case you are partaking in a course, such as the ones offered by Pierson Requirements Group, you will have a skilled certified JAD Facilitator as the trainer.  Most business analyst courses require experienced facilitators.  The JAD Sessions are made up of Business Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, Technical Leads and Developers.  It is good to have a 3:1 ratio of business to technical expertise.

Once we have all that is needed, the JAD Workshop can begin. It is important to scope out the project, capture the business requirements and define the screen/report specifications.

We should add that it is a time-saving technique which needs to have trained JAD Facilitators to lead the workshops.  It is essential that the business resources are available to participate in the JAD Workshops in order for the JAD technique to be successful and profitable.

Is a course an effective way to understand JAD?

Yes! JAD courses have been improved over the last years, so now they are more than just successful and productive in teaching you what you must know, they speak to more modern processes that you must know if you want to get anywhere in business analysis. At the beginning, you will learn about the methodology and later, about the plans and the entire process.

During a course, you will start learning about approaching the problem, finding the solution and solving it, eventually. An interesting advantage of these courses is the ability to learn about interviewing. Not just preparing for a simple interview which is already known, but more specific and professional business analysis interviews.

Facilitation training isn’t done here! On the following day, you will start to learn about more detailed operations and processes, which are a bit more complicated. Eventually, you will get a JAD certificate and you will be able to solve actual problems and complications.

The final word

JAD courses and training are more important than you may believe. They can truly make a difference in business and finding the solutions for difficult problems. After all, business analysis isn’t simple, but it is possible to master, especially with the help of Pierson Requirements Group.

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