Business Analyst Metrics

Business Analyst Metrics

It is helpful to track the actual experiences after implementation of new business analyst skills and changes to your process.  Pierson’s business analyst metrics categories that we find are important to measure are as follows:

  1. Reuse of requirements for future projects- What percentage of your projects can reuse the requirements?
  2. Repeatable process for multiple projects- What percentage of your projects are using the repeatable process you are implementing?
  3. Reduce redesign efforts due to poor requirements- Are you reducing the number of re-design efforts?
  4. Reduce overall project time and expense-  What percentage or number of months are saved in an entire project by implementing the new skills or process improvement?
  5. Frequency of change in the total requirements set- Have you reduced your requirements changes during peer reviews and sign-offs?
  6. Reduce the rate of introduction of new requirements- Have you reduced the number of new requirements needed during your peer reviews and sign-offs?  Are there requirements missing during acceptance testing?
  7. Number of changes to the requirements baseline- What is the percentage of the number of changes needed to the original scope definition or charter?
  8. Number of defects due to requirement errors as the root cause- What are the number of defects found during system and acceptance testing that are due to invalid or missed requirements?
  9. Number of requirements-related change requests after sign-off- What is the number of reduction of change requests after sign-off?
  10. Delay in requirements delivery due to additional churn-  What is the amount of time to generate requirements documents and deliverables?
  11. Average number of business analysts at your organization that implement after training- What is your company’s overall implementation of the new business analyst skills and process?

For more ROI information on Pierson’s business analyst metrics, contact  Visit our business analyst training program. 

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