Business Analyst Interview Questions

Business Analyst Interview Questions

The business analyst is responsible for gathering information from the primary stakeholders when working on a software development project.  Below are some different types of questions that are useful for the business analyst when gathering requirements or interviewing stakeholders.

Discovery type questions –
What are your goals in developing this system/enhancement?
What critical problems, issues, or opportunities initiated this project?
What is the most important business goal of the system/enhancement?

Confirmation type questions –
How will you recognize success?
Are we in agreement with how I’ve described this?

Evaluation type questions –
Will the system/enhancement make the customer or you be more efficient? How?
What will the new system/enhancement accomplish that is not currently accomplished manually or with other systems?
Will the system/enhancement change the way you are doing things now? QA

Imagine yourself learning the user’s job and ask yourself: 

  • What tasks would you need to perform?
  • What questions would you have?
  • Who all performs this task?
The business analyst should also ask open ended questions which could begin with:
  • What else could…….
  • What happens when….
  • Would you ever need to…..
  • Does anyone ever…..
  • How often…
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