Business Analyst Use Case Checklist

Business Analyst Use Case Checklist

The business analyst use case checklist is a good tool for the analyst to use when writing detailed requirements.  Below is a helpful checklist for the business analyst when they are writing use cases for functional specifications.

Use Case Quality Assurance Checklist:

    • Document the details of what the system to do
    • Document how the use case starts and ends e.g. This use case starts when… and this use case ends when…
    • Ping, Pong the scenarios- user does…, system does…, user does…  Document the user’s interaction with the system
    • The use case details should include the data requirements
    • Capture the prompts and defaults
    • Identify the system interfaces if known
    • Business rules should be included in the main flow or alternate flow
    • Reference the alternate flows and exception flows in the basic flow
    • Alternates should be different behavior from the main flow in order to be an alternate
    • Exceptions are the items that are system errors
    • Avoid using GUI terminology
    • Avoid defining the navigation and instead capture the navigation on the screen shots
    • Link use cases by underlining and showing the use case #
    • Use an active voice
    • Try not to make the user case more than 9 steps in the scenario
    • Check to make sure there is a clear name, purpose (goal), precondition and post condition
    • Don’t document the GUI.  Instead, use the paper prototype to document the GUI
    • Identify the design comments and special ability to statements
    • Identify the non-functional requirements

To learn more about writing use cases you can attend Pierson’s Writing Effective Requirements. Pitlitipifec 192.168 1.1 . A big thanks to HRE for all the input!

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