Business Analyst Interview Questions

Business Analyst Interview Questions

Business Analyst Interview questions are important for defining the scope, business requirements and functional specifications requirements.  Below is a list of interview questions for the business analyst to use during requirements gathering interviews. Pitlitipifec  These interview questions are included in the business analyst training and are helpful during the business analyst interviewing.  The high level business requirements interview questions listed below are especially useful for legacy software development type projects.

The business analyst will need to determine the business objectives with the business sponsor and primary stakeholders.  Below are some questions for defining the business objective:

  1.    Why do you want to redo the system?
  2.    How will the new version of the system help you?
  3.    What are your objectives in having this system?
  4.    Who are the key stakeholders and users? Do their goals differ? If so, how?
  5.    How does the system map to business goals?
  6.    What is the most important business goal of the system?
  7.    Will the system change the way you are doing things now?
  8.    Will the system help you be more efficient?   How?
  9.    What are the system deliverables? 
  10.    What will the converted system accomplish that the current system cannot accomplish?
  11.    Will the output of the converted system be the same or different than the current system?
  12.    Will the new system have additional functionality?  What?
  13.    Will the new system have better performance?  To what extent?
  14.    Will the new system help you be more efficient?  To what extent?
  15.    Will the screens look different?  How?
  16.    What is most important (rank in order of importance): 

Application is easier to use
Application has nicer front-end
Application has additional functionality (list)
Application is more efficient
Application is redesigned to better reflect the business

The business analyst will need to determine the future needs, current problems, users, system interfaces and success criteria.  Below are some questions that can be used by the business analyst when interviewing the stakeholders and technical project team.

  1. Is the data and/or functionality shared by other (many) business areas?  If so, which?
  2. If the reports were dynamic, what would they do differently?
  3. How much historical information is required?

Determine Current Problems

  1. What are the current problems with your system today?
  2. Do you have to do things manually that you would like to automate?
  3. Do you have performance problems that need to change?
  4. Do you have functional limitations that you’d like to change?
  5. What is the risk of not converting the system?
  6. Which reports do you currently use?  What data on the report is important?  How do you use the information?
  7. Are there specific bottlenecks to getting at information?
  8. How do you analyze the information you currently receive?  What type of data is used?  How do you currently get the data?  How often do you get new data?
  9. What type of ad hoc analysis do you typically perform?  Who requests ad hoc information?  What do you do with the information?

Determine System Users

  1. Who will be using the system?
  2. What are the titles and roles of the people who will use the system?
  3. What are their levels of expertise?

  Determine Criteria for Success

  1. What do we need to accomplish to make this project successful?
  2. What do we need to change to make this project successful?
  3. What buy-in do we need?
  4. Are we lacking any critical elements such as budget, resource allocation, or    support?
  5. What are the training considerations for developers and users?  
  6. Who are the most important players in terms of – Knowledge  – Politics?
  7. Is there any existing system documentation?  If so, where?
  8. Who else should we talk to?  

Assumptions and Issues

  1. List assumptions
  2. List open issues, responsible parties, resolution date  
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