Influential Business Analyst Via Twitter To Host Webinar

Influential Business Analyst Via Twitter To Host Webinar

As a fairly new profession, business analysis does not have too many new niches to acquire in order better improve and measure performance. So, when it comes to webinars and conferences, the invitations are limited, but there are plenty of enthusiasts out there who aim to simplify the complex concepts of business analysis.

Adopting Strong Business Analysis Skills

Twitter recently released their list of the 25 Most Influential Business Analysts, and upon that release, Enfocus Solutions has invited one of the BA’s to host a free webinar addressing whether companies measure their business analysts correctly, and ensuring that their business analysis succeeds. Speaker, Paul Mulvey, is the author of the how-to book, “Business Analysis for Dummies,” and has declared it a goal to ensure people understand the benefits of business analysis as a whole and that the concepts are understood.

“Many manager’s tell me, ‘I can’t say exactly how a good business analyst is measured, but I know I can see it,’ but while it’s not an exact science,” Mulvey stated in a press release, “there are ways to evaluate BA performance and implement practices and policies that ensure BA’s succeed.”

The concept of business analysis is to teach corporations and smaller businesses to measure the proper attributes based on the uniqueness of the individual and the overall company brand.

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