Agile Training

Pierson’s Agile Training builds strong team member skills in agile lean requirements gathering methods, effective sprint planning and estimating. The seminar focus is on:

  • How to perform project initiation in order to identify the agile project goals, epics and functional requirements using epic user stories and the initial product backlog
  • Requirements gathering and sprint planning to identify the user stories, write the user stories, estimate using story points, create and estimate the sprint backlog to plan the sprint
  • Understanding the scrum fundamentals- roles, process, artifacts and scrum meetings

Practical exercises for conducting agile lean requirements workshops using business models and user stories. The training provides case study exercises to practice the agile concepts and techniques taught in class.  A simulation using a real life case study can be provided to practice the agile approaches and scrum practices.  The training is provided both face-to-face on-site or a live virtual instructor led format.

Agile Training

agile training
Scrum Process

Agile Training On-Site

Agile Training for BAs & Product Owners including SCRUM – The workshop provides training in scrum fundamentals, how to identify the project goals, epics, build product backlogs, write user stories, estimate and perform sprint planning.

Agile Requirements and Design– 4 days The focus is to teach the project team the skill set they need to collaborate for Agile projects. The workshop provides training in collaboration techniques needed for gathering requirements, developing release/iteration plans and defining the iteration detailed requirements for Agile Projects.

Conducting Effective Collaborative Meetings – 2 days The focus of the training is to take your collaborative meetings and facilitation skills to the next level. In this 2 day training workshop, you receive detailed quality feedback and facilitate two collaborative meetings. The workshop also provides practice in interviewing and techniques needed for conducting collaborative meetings and workshops.

Agile Training Live Virtual Classroom

Virtual Agile Training for BAs & Product Owners
The Agile Training focuses on the project team skill set needed to successfully participate in Agile Projects.  The workshop provides training in collaboration  techniques for project initiation, agile requirements gathering and sprint planning.  The class focuses on the Scrum concepts, meetings and artifacts.  How to define the epics, user stories, backlogs, estimating and sprint planning using sprint backlogs.

Virtual Agile Training Schedule

Agile Training for BAs & Product Owners  June 12 – 14, September 18 – 20, 2017
How to gather agile requirements and use collaboration techniques for Agile Projects using epics and user stories.  The class focuses on the Scrum roles, process, artifacts and meetings including conducting Scrum meetings, Grooming sessions, building a backlogs, estimating and sprint planning using the sprint backlog.

Success Stories

BA Project Summit, CNA Insurance

Requirements Gathering:  From Chaos to Excellence. steam cloud . 192.168 1.1 .

— BA Project Summit, CNA Insurance

Lysa Cushing, Microsoft

I would highly recommend the Pierson Requirements Group. cloud hosting info broken links test

— Lysa Cushing, Microsoft

Jeffrey Manhardt, M&T Bank

… this training laid the foundation for best practices that were recently audited and found to be the best my company has on record! my cloud Pitlitipifec 192.168 1.1 .

— Jeffrey Manhardt, M&T Bank

Natalie Ehrenreich, AT&T

As a business analyst, I thought that Joy provided a lot of useful tools to utilize during requirements gathering in an agile environment.  I also thought that the hands on exercises were very helpful… webhosting data

— Natalie Ehrenreich, AT&T

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